Arts and the Islamic World launched in London in 1983 and continued publishing, amid challenging circumstances brought about by its scant financial resources, till 2001.

Despite the odds, a determined and untiring endeavour by its founder Jalal Uddin Ahmed and his wife and co-editor Azra Ahmed produced no less than 36 issues, or ‘volumes’ as the editors called them. The journal offered from the start a mix of new writing on both tradition and contemporary in the world of Islamic art, which already by then had begun to expand beyond the geographical borders of the Middle East and North Africa, South and Southeast Asia with Muslim populations and newer settlements in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The journal’s support and sponsorship from the Islamic Art Foundation started by Moazzam Ali and his numerous business ventures had generated optimism that the new art project would be embraced by MENA governments and individuals flush with oil money. This did happen to some extent but the level of support was not enough to sustain the publication.  Sajid Rizvi

Founding Editors’ note