Founding Editors’ Note

At our invitation, by way of a preface or introduction, the founding editors, Azra Ahmed and Jalal Uddin Ahmed, wrote*:

The half-yearly London journal Arts & The Islamic World (AIW) started publication in 1983. It grew out of a key recommendation of the 1st International Seminar on ‘The Arts in Islamic Lands’ held at Farnham Castle in the United Kingdom in 1982, and was produced by a networking team of Islamic art scholars and specialists based in the Arab and Islamic world itself as well as outside it.

Over 18 years of its publication until 2001, 36 volumes were produced, making it  one of the few international forums on the subject.

It covered issues in Islamic art history and heritage along with the contemporary arts scene in Arab/Islamic countries and communities worldwide.

It also produced special supplements and theme issues devoted to the relevant countries and regions. However, the journal is no more in print and we are happy to present a selection of articles published in it over those years.

*Personal communication between Sajid Rizvi and Jalal Uddin Ahmed, 12/08/2014 17:46. At the outset, with humility, modesty and generosity that characterise both Azra and Jalal, the electronic mail from Jalal Uddin Ahmed stated, “Dear Sajid, Reference our telecon. Azra and I have always admired your own judgement as well as presentation expertise, so do please go ahead as best you can. If you would like a pedestrian few words, you are very welcome to the following. Please feel free to add/amend/ignore at your own discretion.”